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Nail Art Supplies For This Year’s Nail Trends

This image shows different kinds of nail art supplies to create beautiful nail art.

Getting a manicure can be therapeutic, but nail salons have been closed for quite a while now. Before, we could just sit comfortably while a nail technician buffs away and skillfully paint designs on. These days, our nails have been left blank or we’ve tried to recreate those intricate designs ourselves. It’s definitely a skill that requires a lot of practice and the right tools. Just because you can’t visit a salon anymore doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with this year’s nail trends. Even if you’re someone who can’t paint for dear life, using the right tools can ensure that you’ll get the look you want. Find out more about this year’s nail trends and what nail art supplies you need to create flawless-looking nail art.

2021 Nail Art Trends

Chrome Nails

This trend has been gaining in popularity for a few years now. It’s still trending as of 2021. You can purchase chrome stick-on nails or chrome nail polish but now there’s a powder form. What’s cool about this look is that it’s eye-catching. The metal or chrome look reflects light, attracting attention to them. This Chrome Powder gives a more holographic look. To apply, paint on your base coat and top coat. Before the top coat dries completely, dip your nails in the powder or buff the powder in. Apply another top coat to seal the deal. The Chrome Powder is one of the best nail art supplies for an easy chrome nail look.

Jewel Nails

Bejewelled nails create a more glamorous vibe. Jewelled nails are perfect for fancy and formal occasions. Nail art supplies you need to create this look are these Gems. They come in assorted shapes and sizes depending on the look you want. Use Micro Rhinestones for smaller details. To start, paint a base coat of nail polish on and find a strong adhesive safe for your nails. Just stick on the rhinestones, apply the top coat and voila. It’s that simple! You can achieve different looks by using different base colours or placing the stones in different areas. It’s definitely another attention-grabbing look that works well with longer nails.

Geometric Nails

Geometric nails are a great statement nail look. If you want something to stand out then bold prints and patterns are your best bet. Paint a base coat, and use another bright colour to really make your nails pop. Use this Dotting Tool to create different shapes and use a thin brush for straight lines. It’s best to use contrasting colours but rules are meant to be broken. It’s a great way to incorporate mixing and matching. Experiment with different prints and colours for different looks. This nail trend looks good on short and long nails.

Sugar Drip Shop

Whatever the occasion is, getting your nails done completes the look. These are just some of this year’s nail trends. With so many other looks to create, the number of manicures you can get is endless. Here are other trends you might want to experiment with. What’s great about the three looks is that you can combine them and create a completely different look altogether. Regardless of the nail look, Sugar Drip Shop has all the tools you need to create them. They offer different glitters, dried flowers, gel polish and other affordable nail art supplies. Visit Sugar Drip Shop today to treat yourself to a new manicure. Life is too short to have naked nails.