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Must-Have Makeup Tools

When you’re grouping for a selfie shot do you ask your friend to go heavy on the filters? Or do you smile and feel confident, knowing that your makeup is absolutely perfect?

When you’ve got the right makeup tools, you’ll welcome instead of dread those impromptu photo-ops. In this blog, the beauty gurus at the Sugar Drip Shop will reveal which accessories are an absolute must-have, and where you can get them!

Makeup Bag

A makeup bag is a lot like a purse: it’s an accessory that can amplify your style. When you’ve got a top-notch makeup collection, you don’t want to stuff your favorite brushes and eye shadow palettes in any old container with a zipper! 

We recommend this fun yet classy marble makeup bag. The dove grey marble pattern is sophisticated enough to belong in your briefcase as well as your shoulder bag and, at over seven inches long, spacious enough to carry all of your beauty essentials.


Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo won’t be parted from his sponges, and it’s easy to see why! They’re an absolute essential for creating a flawless finish with your foundation. At Sugar Drip Shop, our colourful makeup sponges are specially designed to hug the contours of your face and blend your foundation smoothly over your cheeks and forehead. We love the way that they achieve a streak-free, natural-looking finish that leaves everyone wondering what your secret is.

Makeup Brushes

We’re talking about good quality brushes here, not those pretty imitations that shed every time you use them! We sell an elegant-looking 10-brush set that has all your bases covered, from evenly distributing your face powder to creating a wing that’s on-point. Each one has the perfect shape for its intended application, so we give this kit two thumbs-up for its multitasking ability.

What’s the bottom line?

Whether you want to go for a basic daily makeup look or have an all-out glam goal for a night on the town, you’ll want to stash these essentials in your bag. They’ll help you get ready and allow those fast, no-fuss touch-ups when you need them. That way, you can use those selfie filters for fun instead of camouflage.

At Sugar Drip Shop, we’ve got what you need to assemble the ultimate makeup kit. You can check out our online store and have our awesome products delivered straight to you or, if you have questions or need recommendations, contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you!