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Makeup Tool Kit – What Are You Missing?

Makeup tool kit. A bunch of makeup products on a furry rug.

Makeup is essentially a form of expression. People use makeup to create an identity, showcase their personalities and individuality. There are so many looks to create and endless amounts of products to use. It’s all about the beautiful packaging, vibrant colours and the list of additional benefits. The tools a makeup artist uses are just as important as the makeup products. If you’re an experienced makeup artist then you know how important the application process is. For a flawless application, you need the right tools. Using the right tools can be the stepping stone to creating the perfect look. With endless options to choose from, it’s easy to buy more than necessary. You’ve bought numerous brushes, and beauty blenders so what’s next? Here is our list of practical products to complete your makeup tool kit. 

Practical Beauty Products For Your Makeup Tool Kit 

Make Up: 

Brush Scrub: Everyone knows that the most annoying part about makeup is cleaning your brushes. You should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week. We all know the reasons why we should clean our brushes but let’s be real; we’re lazy. It takes too long to clean the brushes and it takes even longer for them to dry. We can’t help with the drying process but, this brush scrub will definitely help you clean your brushes faster. One side is round and smooth for gripping while the other side is jagged for efficient cleaning. Simply pour your cleaning solution onto the brush cleaner and gently scrub in circular motions. The gritted surface will separate the bristles and spread the cleaning solution throughout your brush. This is one product you definitely want in your makeup tool kit.

Cosmetic Spatula: This tool is a great addition to your makeup tool kit if you’re a skincare junkie. A lot of skincare products are formulated in jars. If you like to get your nails done then you already know how uncomfortable it is to dip your fingers in. Bacteria and dirt gets trapped under your nails. This will contaminate the formula. When you get bacteria in your cosmetic products, it can do more harm than good. This is when a cosmetic spatula is useful. They’re easy to clean and easy to use. Use the spatula to scoop out the product onto your hand. You can even use these to scrape out the last drop of foundation. If you’re a professional makeup artist who deals with clients, this is definitely something you should keep in your kit. Get at least 30 spatulas from one purchase; you won’t be running out of them anytime soon. 


Face Roller: These have been all the hype lately. People use the jade roller to apply skincare products and add a luxurious feel to their skincare routine. The face roller is made out of jade and comes in two different colours. It has a nice cooling effect and is used for different skin health benefits. Face rollers drain fluid from your face and body. This creates a temporary depuffing and skin tightening effect. It’s also used to promote blood circulation to the face and stimulates the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins. This is that one product you’ve been seeing around Instagram and TikTok. If you still haven’t hopped onto this trend yet, here’s your chance. 

Bow Head Band: You’re washing your makeup off and all your wet hair is stuck to your face. This is another useful product to add to your makeup tool kit. This is perfect for when you are applying makeup, putting on a face mask or washing your face. It will do its job by keeping all the annoying stray hairs out of your eyes. Not only is it super adorable, but it also comes in 11 different colours. Buy one in every colour for every day of the week. This polyester headband is decorated with a huge fluffy bow. This headband is easy to wash too, just throw it in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry. It makes a cute addition to your makeup routine and video tutorials. 

Shop Until You Drop

These are just some of the products we recommend to you. Makeup gurus and skincare junkies are always looking for new and practical products to try out. These products will make anyone’s routine a lot more easier and enjoyable. Interested in more makeup accessories and tools? Visit Sugar Drip Shop today. They sell a wide range of affordable beauty products that can help you find and complete your look. When you’re looking for beauty tools, or a new wig to add to your collection, we’ve got you covered. Sugar Drip Shop also provides free shipping on orders over $100. They’re fast and reliable, so you’ll be completing your makeup tool kit in no time.