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False Eyelashes: All You Need to Know

False Eyelashes: All You Need to Know.

We’ve all had those nights when our eyes need a little more than an extra coat of mascara.

When you really want to turn heads, false eyelashes can give you that extra wow factor. Your choices range from playful full-on lash strips to individual lashes that boost your natural appearance. If you apply and enhance them in a way that compliments your eye shape, they do wonders for your overall look. 

At Sugar Drip Shop, we’ve got the lashes and accessories you need to work the party scene or simply make the most of what you’ve already got. You can check out our entire lash store here but if you’re ready for some recommendations, we’re happy to oblige!  

Eyelash Clusters

Eyelash clusters let your eyes make the most of what they’ve got. They attach to your own lashes to pump up the volume without looking fake. Depending on how much drama you’re going for, you can use clusters of anywhere from three to six lashes. Sugar Drip Shop sells kits with four different cluster sizes that range in length from 8mm-15mm and have the perfect amount of curl.

Coloured Lashes

Are you craving a bit of colour for your next night on the town? These uber-cool false eyelashes give you a rainbow range of choices on a single tray: red, yellow, green, pink, purple, blue, white, and brown. They’re soft, lightweight, and super-easy to apply: the foil back transfer strip has no residues, so these fun lashes are easy to put on and take off.

Eyelash Glue

You’re buying clusters or individual lashes, you need a glue that’s easy to apply and will keep your new look in place until you’re ready to remove it. Our eyelash glue kit comes in three strengths- mid, medium, and strong- for different extension sizes and bunches. Each adhesive has a natural colour, so the attachment points won’t be noticeable, and once they dry, they’ll keep your false eyelashes in place without feeling coarse or heavy. We totally approve!

What’s the bottom line?

If your eyes are smaller, add lift and length by applying thicker eyelash clusters to the outer corner. Wide-set eyes will appear closer together if you concentrate the false eyelashes in the centre of the eye, while deep-set eyes will really open up if you use longer lash strips.

At Sugar Drip Shop, we know our eyelash products will help you make the most out of your natural beauty. If you’ve got questions or want to place an order, you can contact us anytime!