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Nail Art Supplies For This Year's Nail Trends

Getting a manicure can be therapeutic, but nail salons have been closed for quite a while now. Before, we could just sit comfortably while a nail technician buffs away and skillfully paint designs on. These days, our nails have been left blank or we’ve tried to recreate those intricate designs ourselves. It’s definitely a skill […]

Makeup Tool Kit - What Are You Missing?

Makeup is essentially a form of expression. People use makeup to create an identity, showcase their personalities and individuality. There are so many looks to create and endless amounts of products to use. It’s all about the beautiful packaging, vibrant colours and the list of additional benefits. The tools a makeup artist uses are just […]

Wigs For Every Style And Budget

Nowadays, the use of wigs has grown rapidly around the world, and there are numerous reasons behind this latest trend. For some, it’s an easy way to change their look without making permanent changes or damages to their hair. Meanwhile, others prefer to wear it as it takes attention away from symptoms of a medical […]

Get Salon Quality Nails At Home!

In the frenzy of putting together the perfect outfit, finding the best accessories, and sporting a classy hairstyle, we tend to forget our fingernails. While they are quite popular in the hygiene department, we must remember that they can play a crucial role in our appearance as well. Maintaining your nails is an effective way […]

Caring For Your Eyelashes

Everyone desires to have those long, fluttery lashes. Lashes have the ability to drastically change your appearance and that’s why caring for your eyelashes is so important. Whether you are aiming for a natural look or a more dramatic one, lashes are here to save the day. If you do not have naturally long and […]

Best-Selling Sugar Drip Shop Products

Does the glamour of your favorite celebrity feel out of reach? Do you dream of how amazing it would be to have your own team of professionals to make sure your hair, makeup, and nails were always on point? With Sugar Drip Shop’s premium wigs, eyelash and nail supplies, and makeup tools, you can assemble […]

Wigs 101

Looking for a fun, fast fashion fix? The hottest accessory to sweeten your drip is a wig.  The popularity of fashion wigs is gaining momentum. Whether you’re giving your own hair a break from coloring and styling or just looking for a way to save time in your beauty routine, wigs are becoming the go-to […]

False Eyelashes: All You Need to Know

We’ve all had those nights when our eyes need a little more than an extra coat of mascara. When you really want to turn heads, false eyelashes can give you that extra wow factor. Your choices range from playful full-on lash strips to individual lashes that boost your natural appearance. If you apply and enhance […]

Must-Have Makeup Tools

When you’re grouping for a selfie shot do you ask your friend to go heavy on the filters? Or do you smile and feel confident, knowing that your makeup is absolutely perfect? When you’ve got the right makeup tools, you’ll welcome instead of dread those impromptu photo-ops. In this blog, the beauty gurus at the […]

Nail Art: Not Your Typical Nails

Nail art goes above and beyond a regular manicure or pedicure. It offers a creative way to paint, decorate, and enhance the look of your nails. Although many nail salons offer nail art services, it can be very costly for both intricate and simple designs. A more affordable alternative is to purchase DIY nail art […]