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Caring For Your Eyelashes

Everyone desires to have those long, fluttery lashes. Lashes have the ability to drastically change your appearance and that’s why caring for your eyelashes is so important. Whether you are aiming for a natural look or a more dramatic one, lashes are here to save the day. If you do not have naturally long and thick lashes, don’t worry! You can use several different methods to enhance the appearance of your lashes.

For instance, a few coats of volumizing mascara is a great way to get luminous, thick lashes. However, it may not be enough in some cases. More importantly, too many coats can make your lashes clump together, so they look like spider legs. This is why most of us prefer to apply false lashes or eyelash extensions for a more permanent solution.

Throughout our attempts on trying to get big, fluffy lashes, we tend to forget about caring for our own natural lashes. This article will walk you through all there is to know on how to care for your lashes, falsies, and lash extensions. Regardless of the type of lashes you opt for or have, maintenance is key for any look. Caring for your eyelashes is essential, especially if you choose to wear falsies, or lash extensions. 

False Eyelashes

If you think your natural eyelashes are not full enough and mascara doesn’t help, false lashes are your next option. Almost every celebrity and influencer relies on falsies to complete their glam look. After all, your eyes are the feature that can attract the most attention. Make them stand out with some of these falsies.

Types of Falsies

Strip Lashes

These are some of the most common lashes and are often made of the highest quality. 100% mink lashes can give you a more natural look compared to plastic or silk options. Besides the typical black colour, there are also Coloured Lashes that offer lashes in a wide range of colours for you to choose from. While every design may be different, you can use the lash strip as it is by applying a bit of Eyelash Glue to the band or cutting it for a more custom look. It will also help make it easier to fit your eye shape perfectly.

Individual Flare Lashes

If you’re not a fan of strip lashes, check out these individual Eyelash Clusters that you can use and build-up depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Whether you want a dramatic eye look or a natural feel, the individual lashes are the best options for you. Pop them on using some Tweezers and eyelash glue, and you’re good to go.

How to Care for Your Falsies

After you’ve applied your lashes, you can also reuse them again. Simply use this eyelash Glue Remover to gently remove any residue with a soft cloth. Wiggle through with a spoolie or Eyelash Brush to thoroughly clean and reuse your falsies.

Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are quite different from falsies. Specialists have to be trained to apply them with a semi-permanent adhesive. While you can choose to apply them at home, most people prefer getting them professionally done at a salon. These lashes focus on your lash line for a more natural look, considering these are semi-permanent.

Types of Lash Extensions

For starters, lash extensions differ greatly in terms of the material. These can either be made out of man-made materials or animal furs, such as sable, fox, or mink lashes. There are also synthetic, faux-fox lashes, faux-mink lashes, and silk lashes (especially if you are vegan) for you to choose from. Take a look at what could be the best options for you depending on the length, your eye shape, and the style you wish to achieve with these lashes.

How to Care for Your Lash Extensions

Caring for your extensions is just as important as caring for your eyelashes. Avoid using products that contain oils, that includes mascara and other oil-based cosmetic products. The oil can decrease the life of your extensions by lubricating the adhesive. Keep your lashes clean at all times and avoid excessive use of mascara. Be sure to maintain lash extension refills regularly.

Caring for Your Eyelashes

While you consider getting falsies and eyelash extensions, caring for your eyelashes is the primary priority. Whether you choose to use falsies or extensions, be sure to give your natural lashes a break by not using anything at all. Your hair follicles will need to breathe in between, so be sure to go on without applying anything to your lashes. Flaunt that natural look!

Know that your eyes are the windows to your soul, while artificially enhancing them is a great alternative and an easy way to get fuller lashes, maintaining your natural lashes, and keeping them healthy throughout is the way to go. Always be sure to take off your mascara and eyelash glue or residue with a water-based makeup remover, and then rinse them off with a cleanser and warm water.

Falsies and extension application requires a lot of tugging and can weaken your natural lashes. Using essential oils on your natural lashes or a lash conditioning serum is a great way for you to promote density and length.

Take care of your lashes and accent them with any of these methods for a glamourous, fuller look. Visit Sugar Drip Shop for other eyelash care products and if you have any other questions on caring for your eyelashes feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.