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Best-Selling Sugar Drip Shop Products

Does the glamour of your favorite celebrity feel out of reach? Do you dream of how amazing it would be to have your own team of professionals to make sure your hair, makeup, and nails were always on point? With Sugar Drip Shop’s premium wigs, eyelash and nail supplies, and makeup tools, you can assemble your own team to make you look and feel pampered and put-together from head to toe.

Nailed It!

At SugarDrip shop we believe that healthy nails create the best canvas for nail art creations.  

We’ve put together a collection of nail care tools that are cute but also get the job done.  Buffers, files, and cuticle clippers will help keep the nail bed healthy and primed for your nail art expressions.

Whether you choose a Glitter Set, chrome nail, or Foil finishes, you’ll have hands ready for display.  

All Eyes on You!

Sugar Drip Shop carries all of the supplies and tools you need for that personal eyelash application or even for your own salon.  

We carry the best Eyelash Extensions, tools, salon bed pillows, and covers; everything you need to take you or your clients through the steps from glue to glam!

Making It Up!

By selecting the right brushes, sponges, makeup bags, and organizers, your beauty team is always with you! 

Sugar Drip Shop’s collection of high-quality makeup tools and accessories includes sponges and brushes to ensure a professional-looking application and finish.  

Our Jade Roller Massager and eye gels help prep and pamper your skin between your ‘appearances’. 

Crowning Glory

When you finish your look with one of Sugar Drip Shop’s premium fashion wigs you’ll look like you spent hours in the salon chair.  Within minutes you have the hair color, style, and length you crave.  Made of the highest quality lace caps, with adjustable straps,  you have the comfort and confidence to face your fans. Slay, queen.

Go Team!

By selecting the right products and tools, you can have access to star-quality treatment at your fingertips.  Ready to put your beauty team together?  Shop at Sugar Drip Shop today.